The heart of our design is a smaller, lighter compact machine, that requires less energy to move larger loads and quiet operation.  Thus reducing fatigue in your industrial environment. 

A free standing, self supporting, heavy duty structure.   That supports a low energy goods lift,complete with inbuilt controller.

Polyurethane belt suspension, small drive sheaves and compact counter balance all aid in reducing your carbon footprint and lessening your CO2 emissions.

Also to further enhance your reductions we have three designs.

Our three designs include  -

Gen X Elevator *        Single phase power only.

Gen X elevator **      Energy recovery

Gen X Elevator***     Solar power zero energy.

Rated Capacity                        500 - 5000kgs

Speed                                        0.15 m/s

Maximum Travel                     30mtrs

Maximum Stops                      12  

Doors                                        Manual Doors,

                                                   Semi automatic doors,

                                                   Automatic doors

Supply                                      230 volt, Single Phase