Gen X Solar 

Solar Powered model: 

Our solar model is supplied as a hard wired only unit and only requires a single phase connection.

This unit includes  a power converter and a set of batteries, this allows the lift to run from the batteries and a solar charge controller which supplies the power used to charge the batteries, the mains connection is included for backup power when the solar system is having maintenance work done.

This is the very latest technology and reduces the electrical load down to only 0.2 KW

Painted with low VOC emission paint, fabricated using the latest energy efficient machinery and limited welding process.


Having looked at the total life cycle of our products, we have endeavored to reduced all of our environmental impacts, from the initial manufacture to the disposal, the hole product once if has served for a long time.


We believe that all products should be made of a high standard and last as long as possible, this will help reduce the need to replace more often, costing more in the long run.