Lift specifications

Load ranges--

Gen X             500 kg - 1000 kg goods only

                      1000 kg - 2000 kg goods/goods/passenger 

                      2000 kg - 5000 kg goods/goods/passenger


Car sizes--


Gen X             1400 x 1000  to 2500 x 2500 mm 

                      1500 x 1500  to 3000 x 3000 mm

                      2000 x 2000  to 5000 x 5000 mm

Optional sizes on request of increments of 1 mm in both directions

Standard speed 0.15 m/s to machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Other speeds available up to 1m/s to lift directive BS EN 81-20.



Single sided or twin sided through car. New 90 angle.


Available in heights from 2000 mm up to 2300 mm.

Other sizes on request.

Door Type--

As standard single swing doors or sliding concertina doors.

Car door: single swing door or lattice sliding.

 2-Panel Side Opening automatic doors on request


Room less design with control section located within landing finish post.

Micro controller providing up to 12 stops as standard, up to 24 for special order.

Main floor return selected to any floor with adjustable time.

Full up collective, down collective and push button operation.

Power shutdown when sleep mode is active.

Low energy car illumination only active when needed.

Load weighing fitted to all models with operator feedback to allow the car to operate at the most efficient level. 

Operator attended models are available on request as well as full goods/ passenger meeting BS EN.

Integrated power controller for solar option.


Enclosed steel structure, fully self supporting does not require any tie in to the building, pit required depth 200 mm.

Clad in any finish required to customer requirements.

Three energy levels--

All lifts have been designed with the environment at the core.

Using our counterbalance system and the low power solutions we offer, we can reduce your existing electrical costs by half if not more.


Direct power: Single phase 50hz 6 amp supply.


Direct power to converter supply: single phase 50hz 6 amp supply, running through our converter this allows the maximum  supply load to be reduced to 500 watts.


Solar power with single phase backup:  This setup utilizes the energy from the sun to power the lift, helping reduce electrical costs to a minimum.  Zero net energy usage.

Safety systems--


Efficient and safe, all our lifts are fitted with:


Bi directional safety gear.

Over speed units for lift fall protection and to control unintended car movement.

Belt monitoring.

Double coil main brake as standard.